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Players in Online Casinos to be Surveyed

The online casinos standards authority eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) is to conduct the largest ever survey of online casinos and gamers who use them.

It is hoped that a clear picture will be given of the online casinos industry and players who regularly use them, what the players' requirements are and what motivates them.

The studies will be undertaken by researchers from the University of Las Vegas and Nottingham Trent University in the UK. Approximately 20,000 gamers in online casinos will be surveyed in extensive online questionnaires and this will be followed by a more in depth qualitative survey of six of the online casinos major markets, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Japan. It is hoped that this study will give eCOGRA a factual idea - in terms of numbers - of what is going on in the online casinos industry rather than going by what is being reported verbally.

The eCOGRA Global Gambler Report will be released in January 2007 and will provide a comprehensive understanding of players' perception and stance concerning the online casinos industry. The questionnaires will concentrate specifically on what gamblers feel is fair gaming and the standards of customer service in online casinos. Also, the survey will give an idea of what gamers feel the governing bodies can do to protect gamblers and how they feel the online casinos conduct themselves.

The report also serves to make a distinction between online casinos and poker websites and the impact that gambling has on the individuals who use them. Also a clearer picture will be drawn of the effect gambling has on their financial situation and general well being. The survey serves to find out how often gamblers visit online casinos, why they do it and the consequences of it.

Many experts in the gambling industry and even individuals not involved in gaming have been pushing for an extensive survey of the online casinos industry to be carried out for some time. It is hoped that this survey will go a long way in arguing the case for internet gambling with the current legislative measures attempting to be carried out in the US at the moment. An in depth research study has never been carried out and gambling proponents believe that the only way the industry can be assessed if through research.

Anti gambling lobbyists feel that there is no regulation of online casinos and therefore players are not protected and major problems can arise from under age gambling and money laundering.

eCOGRA is the only organisation dedicated to monitoring operators and this non profit organisation is committed to providing a framework of best operational and player practice requirements. This monitoring is done continuously by independent auditing companies. At the moment 85 online casinos have the "play it safe" seal of approval on their websites. These websites have a solid reputation of fair conduct, responsible gaming and most importantly, player protection.

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