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Faulty slots sends gamblers soaring

The clanging change of the casino slots left the Caesar’s Indian Casino in a major rut as one of the slots began sending players loads of credits 10 times the amount of money they inserted into the machine.

This one of a kind extra money slot machine paid out a crashing $487,000 in just one weekend before a concerned gambler noticed the quirk and brought it to the casinos attention.

The casino is now under investigation for not having followed procedures concerning slots and gambling bylaws so as to avoid problems.

The casino is in the process of tracking down the missing money.

Executive Director Ernest Yelton of the Indiana Gaming Commission has brought to light the fact that the casino does not have the slightest clue as to who walked away with winnings with their slots of fun.

“I would suggest you consult an attorney,” Yelton said.

“We were going to have a race to see who could accumulate the most at one time on the same machine,” Kathryn Ford, the exposer of the machine said Thursday after engaged in a night of slots. She later came to realize how much of an advantage over her other slots counterparts.

“He put a twenty in, and I put a twenty in, and my credits registered at 200 (dollars),” she said. In a perplexed moment of thrill she tried a different $20 bill “and the same thing happened.”

Ford’s odd dreams cam true when slipping eight $20 bills into the slots and suddenly found herself with vouchers worth $1,600 and then others began to notice.

“There was even a young woman who jumped in while I was sitting there,” Ford said. “She … reached across me, popped a hundred in, popped out a thousand and then she took off.” Too much of the slots sensation.

What ended up happening is that this machine as opposed to other slots was one of eight slots with new software that was installed. These certain slots had a special switch for the Philippines rather than the United States, which told the machine to multiply credits by 10.

Ed Garruto, general manager of the casino said “our testing procedures before putting the game in place were not completely followed.”

“To test a machine to make sure that if you put $10 in, you get $10 in credit, and then when you push cash out, that you get what you’re due,” Arnold said.

As a result of these faulty slots, the gaming commission will now place this casino under investigation and review the case.

Casino management has been cooperative concerning the slots, but is pliable to face sanctions even a fine. Flaws concerning slots lie at the hands of the casino and the only immediate action taken was suspending the technician.

The commission’s incident report said three technicians and one supervisor were involved in the installation in testing the slot machine’s software.

The technician of the machine “has been suspended pending investigation…others to follow,” the statement said.

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