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New Online casinos always looking for new promotions

Online casinos in general are emerging at an alarming pace. Online casinos are popular in Europe, the United States, and parts of Asia. Ireland has been hit with the online casinos bug too, and the $12 billion dollar a year online casinos industry sees many players coming from the UK and Ireland. Some online casinos tempt players with bonuses while other online casinos choose promotions or large tournaments, but it is clear regardless, that online casinos are very popular and on the rise.

Online casinos face great competition and also regulation and some legal battles. Gambling industry legislation is currently being debated in the House of Representatives in the United States Congress, and online casinos legislation has also been heard in front of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Antigua and Barbados took the United States to court (to the WTO) regarding the legality of online casinos and the island’s popularity for online casinos setting up shop. The matter is still unresolved and in negotiation. Online casinos have also been the subject of debate in other countries. Italy banned search engines from including these internet gaming sites in their searches and now the government is being sued by a conglomerate of British gaming sites.
What should new online casinos do to compete with online gambling portals that are already established in the competitive marketplace? Should they come up with new bonuses? New promotions? Clearly, for some, the answer is, “yes.”
There is a new phenomenon sweeping through the online poker world. Many top Internet poker rooms have stepped up the old Las Vegas concept of ‘player comps’ by giving away a percentage of their own take and profits through rake back, which is in evidence at many of the top gambling sites around the world.
When a player signs up to play poker online they have the option of either making a deposit to play cards with real players for real money or choose to play with free chips and allow themselves to become familiar with the game. These two options for gaming are the standard for a majority of all online poker rooms, however the introduction of rake back is something new to many new poker rooms and is certainly ruffling the feathers of land based casinos.
Before the rake back offers began to resurface, the online casinos and poker rooms used several methods to reward players for their loyalty in sticking with those gambling portals rather than going to other competitors. The first and most basic was the deposit bonus given by all of the major poker rooms. Unlike playing poker at a casino, players were given extra chips based on the amount of their deposit and the number of hands they played. Online poker deposits are released upon a players ‘raked hand’ and dollar amount played with.
Of all the incentives given to online poker players, rakeback seems to be the most lucrative offer a new player is rewarded with.

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