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85% of Americans against Banning Online Casinos

The worldwide phenomenon of online casinos has been gaining momentum rapidly for some time but if two bills are passed in the Senate, the breaks will surely be applied to online casinos.

The first bill to be passed by the house judiciary committee - the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act – would effectively ban online casinos in the United States by giving police the means to block transmissions and by outlawing the transfer of funds for gaming purposes.

The second bill – Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act would ban credit card companies from performing transactions between players and online casinos.

Despite the two bills being supported by the house judiciary committee and many others, there are those who believe that by banning online casinos this is an infringement on the rights of American Citizens, to choose how they spend there free time.

There is another bill waiting in the sidelines that will enable the online casinos industry to be studied and the possible option of regulating and licensing the industry.

Many support groups of this study believe that an outright ban now is too hasty a decision to be made without getting the facts straight and understanding this complex issue. These opponents of the ban also feel that the bills, that will potentially ban online casinos, are uneven as they will allow for bets to be made on horse racing, fantasy sports betting and lotteries.

The worldwide online casinos industry generates between $12 and $15 billion a year with over half of that figure coming from American Citizens and while many feel that Americans need to be protected against rogue offshore casino sites, it is still up to the individual to choose how they spend their hard earned cash.

As it stands, American citizens have the potential to blow their weekly food budget on lottery tickets or are able to sit in a dark house because they lost their electricity bill money down at the Indian casino, so why should gambling in online casinos be any different?

There is the issue of underage gambling in online casinos which does give cause for concern. A teen has better prospects of stealing their parent's credit cards and supplying false information to enter online casinos, than trying to enter a land based casino with a fake ID.

Washington State has already put these potential bans into practice by banning online casinos outright in their state, but this ban has already proved to have taken a step too far. One online poker information site was closed down because it advertised a link to online casinos. The Seattle Times was also advised to stop running their regular poker column which means that this ban could infringe Americans right of freedom of speech which is bordering on the ridiculous.

With 85% of Americans against banning online casinos, it is hoped that the Senate will decide to take a more moderate stance and regulate the industry rather than take away freedom of choice.

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