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Two major jackpot hits at top online casinos

Almost $545 000 was scored in two big wins at online casinos as the week started. The online casinos each announced major wins by their players. Recently, many online casinos have been offering great progressive jackpot prizes, and online casinos have thus had to dole out tons of cash to the winners. Still, the online casinos attract many loyal players through these online casinos promotions.

One of the online casinos recorded its sixth big jackpot win this year when newbie player “Iringion” won $116 828 playing the popular Wild Heart slot machine.

“I used to prefer online poker and other card games, but after this experience you can be sure I love spinning slots now!”

“Some people think you have to play slots a lot before you win anything,” said Hannah Morante of one of the online casinos, “But this beginner winning a very big jackpot after playing such a short time shows that anyone can win any time.”

On his winning session, the player said he knew he’d really hit a groove of nice paying hands when he saw a couple of straight flushes and several four of a kinds land in his lap while playing Jacks or Better. When he switched to Wild Hearts, it was slow at first and he was down $600. Then he was dealt three Wild Royal Flushes for an automatic $1,500 win – and there were still two wild cards in each deck. Agonizing for a moment about whether or not to take the guaranteed $1500 or go for the glory, with a progressive jackpot or over $116,000 luring him to give it a try, he trusted his decision to a flip of a coin.

“When the cards came up, I will never forget seeing that lovely Jack of Diamonds fall on the bottom line!” recalls the winner. “And can you believe it? I also DID get another wild card on the middle line! Kind of like extra frosting on an amazing cake!”

Asked what he plans to do with his big online casinos win, the online casinos winner said he still hasn’t calmed down enough to think that far. “I never expected it to be me to win the jackpot, so I never really thought very hard about what to do with so much money. But don't worry I am sure I will figure it out!”

But the week's biggest online casinos winner was a New York based online gambler at another one of the online casinos, who hit a Royal Flush that netted him a life-changing $427 560!

Longtime online casinos player Gene C. saw his patience pay off when he recorded a record-setting winning hand playing stud poker. The New Yorker has been a loyal Pinnacle Casino player for nearly two years and after playing numerous hands of stud poker, everything came up spades when he was dealt a royal flush to take home the biggest single-hand payout in the online casinos history.

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