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Top online casinos continue year of deal making

2006 continues to remain a top year for deal making in the online casinos industry. Online casinos are merging with other top online casinos and acquiring smaller online casinos firms in an attempt to weed through the tough competition in the growing online casinos industry.

The online casinos industry is profitable, and with billions of dollars up for grabs, many online casinos are looking for the right deal to take them over the top.

Recently, a major spread betting online casinos company that holds some 70 percent of the UK market has chosen a new online casinos software firm as its online casinos software and network provider of choice, signing a deal this week.

Founded in 1992, the online casinos firm has established itself as the UK market leader in the sports spread betting sector. The company covers 28 000 sporting events a year, has approximately 45 000 customers and takes over 3 million bets annually.

The online casinos software firm’s spokesman Steve Cook said the company was delighted with its achievement in landing the account despite tough competition: “We recognize (the online casinos firm’s) unique position in the spread betting market and that many of their customers have a very close synergy with poker. (The online casinos firm) will be able to take advantage of the lucrative poker market with their extensive customer base. This is a significant signing for us and we look forward to a launch of the poker room around mid September”.

Warren Murphy, Sales & Marketing Director at the firm said said: “Sports spread betting maximises people’s interaction with sporting events and dominates all other forms of betting in the provision of “in-play or in-running” betting. The challenge, interactivity and excitement generated by poker is a natural extension of our offering to clients”.

The software network includes many of the top net gambling names in the internet industry. The software firm now boasts over 150 poker and lifestyle brands on its client list, frequently recording over 12 000 players online simultaneously.

Cook said that the network is constantly adding new software functionality and games.

"We are very excited to announce that we will soon be releasing a new game designed by (our firm) called 'HoldemWarz'", he said. "It's a whacky fixed odds shoot-out betting game for those that need an adrenalin rush!

"We are also planning the release of a series of casino side games; foreign language clients, a new custom avatar feature for players to upload their own pictures, graphics and text; a new play again STT feature; a seat rotation function and other new enhancements."

The software firm’s spokesman also revealed that the company is currently completing its poker software integration with several large brands, details of which will be released at the appropriate time.
As competition increases and continues in the industry, it is clear that this online gambling group is taking all the right steps necessary to make great partnerships for the future.

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