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China Lottery Officials Concerned About the Success of Online Gaming

The Chinese Lottery has been one of the most popular commodities in China's entertainment culture. The issue has become that many Chinese gamers have chosen the online casinos way rater then the original Chinese lottery and that means some financial issues for the Chinese lottery. The Shanghai Daily has reported that China's lottery brings in billions of Yuan a year and despite that amount online casinos have generated even more. The issue is two fold. First, there was a percentage drop in the amount of money the Chinese lottery generated and the second issue is the fact that the Chinese government does not get anything beneficial from this because online casinos operate independent from the Chinese government while the Chinese lottery does pay taxes to the national government. China is having some issues with the fact that online casinos are generating so much money and they are not paying taxes.
The issue with tax paying when it comes to online casinos is the issue of whether or not online casinos are legal and therefore, if they are illegally operated tax paying becomes ironic. This has often been the case with drug trafficking in many countries especially Columbia, where drugs brings in much revenue but no taxes are paid. When it comes to online casinos, taxes are often not paid because they too are illegal and therefore to pay taxes would be to incriminate the company.
China however, is starting to feel pressure from the national government to do something about this billion dollar industry that is not only not paying taxes but is also causing a tax paying industry like the lottery to fail. Law makers in China have been having many meetings lately to discuss the issue and therefore, come to some type of conclusion that can leave China's government and citizens happy. It also shows that the success of the online casinos comes second to what is known as citizen safety and happiness as well as national prosperity.
The popularity of online casinos is not a surprising or recent phenomenon as Asia has been known as the biggest users of online casinos. Asia generates the most online casinos players and many online casinos have already installed software in them to allow Asian players to game in their own native language such as Cantonese, Malaysian or other.
The Asian attraction to online casinos is not surprising as the most technologically advanced people always know what is technologically in before it comes to North America and Europe. Despite North America's and Europe's success in online casinos, Asia is still the leading market.
The online casinos internationally that host many Asia players are anxious awaiting China's decision as it will ultimately have an effect on this industry that is said to be one of the biggest today. If China decides to do something radical in stopping online gaming then it can only be assumes that other countries will follow suit.

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