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Casino affiliate programs changing terms

With the US market now gone for most online casinos, the affiliate programs representing them are looking for new ways to save a buck. The latest edition is retroactive (and some non-retroactive) changes to the terms and conditions of the casino affiliate programs.

Many casino affiliate programs now require the webmasters to send a minimum amount of players in a given period in order to keep their earnings for the traffic they have previously sent towards the online casinos.

This comes as another blow to the already fragile gambling industry. Many webmasters have already left the market, due to the question for legality of online gambling. And after almost all of the online casinos decided to leave the US market - there is a small piece of the pie (Europe and Asia) left for a lot of hungry companies to share. Left with that decision, many webmasters saw themselves unable to compete with their already established foreign peers; others saw the potential for earnings way to small, compared to the US players they had forever lost.

With the E.U. gambling market focused mostly on sports betting, and Asia - almost no interest at all - there is not much choice left for the gambling webmaster, but to either leave the industry or see a huge downsize of their earnings.

Although the future will never be clear, one thing is sure - this, once a lucrative online industry, is diminishing slowly and no "fresh blood" will be seen for a long, long time.

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