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US gambling company to launch online casino

As widely reported this week, Las Vegas Sands announced that it will open an online casino, aiming at the U.K. market. This is yet another sign that despite the efforts of the US government to put an end to online gambling, the country's own gambling companies are looking forward to moving their business online. Players from the Untied Stats will not be allowed to access the website or place wagers at it.

The CEO of Las Vegas Sands says that this move will create a strong online position for the company for future potential opportunities.

The new online casino will have its license issued by the U.K. and Cantor Gaming will provide the software. Harrah's Entertainment was the last to try online gambling in Britain, but failed just six months after it opened virtual doors in 2004. If Las Vegas Sands' move proves to be a successful one however, we may see other offline casino giants entering the market. If this happens - it would be just a matter of time and lobbying for gambling on the Internet to become legal in the USA.

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