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Online Gambling in Germany

The representatives of the sixteen German states were unable to reach an unanimous decision on proposed anti online gambling law, which would have helped the states lotteries to keep their monopoly.

Despite the fact that three of the German states (Saxony, Hesse and Bavaria) have local laws in place to protect the local lotteries, a federal law has not yet been approved. But a future bill prohibiting online gambling in Germany could find itself against the European Trade Commission, which is looking to legalize online gaming throughout the European Union. U.K., Italy and Spain already have laws allowing gambling licenses to online companies. The leaders of the states supporting the anti gambling legislation are quoted to be cautions towards a decision from the ETC.

It means one thing - for now nothing has changed in Germany in respect to internet gambling. However, unless the European Union sets a precedent with one of the countries trying to ban web gambling - attempts such as this one will continue to show up in the heights of governments, trying to protect their own gambling venues. 

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