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UK gambling advertisement restrictions lifted

For the first time, online gambling and betting websites will be allowed to advertise using TV commercials.

Under the old rules, gambling websites could only advertise themselves on other websites, billboards or through a sponsorship, such as football club t-shirts. However, a set of new rules are being applied to the online gambling law in Britain, which would allow them to use TV adverts, as well.

Under the new law, the gambling TV commercials would have to follow a set of rules, such as:

  • The commercials cannot target minors, or run during children programming
  • They cannot promote gambling as a way out of financial troubles, or for sexual success
  • The actors must appear to be over 25 years of age.

Despite those rules, many people still view the lifting of TV ads ban as harmful to people. They take the stance that this would make gambling appear as a way of life, something that is a part of our daily routine, and not just as form of entertainment.

The new rules should be in effect in September of 2007.


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