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Neteller announces a plan deadline

According to a press release by the online gambling ewallet Neteller today, the group will come up with a plan within 75 days which would outline how to return the funds of their US customers.

Neteller has signed an agreement with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York and a company called Navigant Consulting, Inc., the latter would serve as the forensic accounting firm, so they could return people's money.

This could be just another "bait" by the former biggest online gambling ewallet to take the pressure which has been applied by many angry American customers of Neteller in the past months, including a threat of class-action lawsuit. It is also important to underline that according to the group's press release, the 75-day period applies not to when Neteller will return the money but to how they plan to do so. Which means that customers from the US waiting on their money still have no idea when will they get it back. It also means that it is highly unlikely for the money to be returned to their rightful owners at least for another 75 days.


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