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Georgia books 52 people on illegal gambling charges

A second raid in the Atlanta suburbs this week rounds up 52 people at an illegal casino. The police arrested the people at the Poker Palace in Jonesboro, and the owner of the place is also charged with bribery after offering $5,000 to the local sheriff for protection of the illegal casino operation. According to the sheriff, the casino has been operating for nearly two years, and the bust was a result in a months long investigation by the local police. Among the arrested was the Clayton County magistrate judge Dorian Murry. Most people have been charged with misdemeanor gambling, but more charges are expected to be filed.

This bust comes just two days after Roswell police arrested 27 people at a private high-stakes poker game. People from all over the country were joining the poker game with a buy-in of $10,000, which was held in a basement of the suburban house.


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