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Canadian grows weed to wipe off gambling debt

A Canadian who was busted last year for growing marijuana in his basement to pay off gambling debts is to be sentenced in two weeks.

Canada gambling debtThe 35-year-old Trung Trinh from the Regina province in Canada had set up a sophisticated operation and growing almost 300 plants in his basement. He lived with his wife and two children, however, none of them had an access to the basement where the "agriculture" was taking place.

Described as a good man with a long time working history, Trinh plead guilty on Monday and is expecting a light sentence from the court. Trinh started gambling in the late 90's and soon wiped out all savings and accumulated close to $40,000 in credit card debt due to his gambling addiction. His plan was to grow the illegal drugs and use the proceeds to pay-off his gambling debt, but in actuality, left him with a huge power bill, ton of legal fees and possibly some jail time.

This unfortunate event comes to show us that gambling should always be about fun, and to never leave more than your means at the casinos.


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