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Son of Mafia boss acquitted in gambling case

A federal jury in Detroit has acquitted the son of convicted Mafia boss Vito Giacalone of racketeering and extortion charges resulting from a government investigation into illegal sports gambling.

Giacalone acquitted on gambling and betting chargesIt took less than one hour for the jury to find the 56-year-old Jack V. Giacalone of West Bloomfield not guilty on the sports gambling charges. He was indicted on March 3rd 2006 among the total of 15 defendants, most of them pleading guilty on the illegal betting case. Fourteen of the charged defendants were arrested in the Metropolitan Detroit, the fifteenth individual - in Illinois.

Investigators accused Jack Giacalone in attempt to collect a gambling debt from a man who told a grand jury that he felt intimidated. But the man testified the contrary - that he didn't feel threatened. He was indicted on two counts of Racketeering/Conspiracy under Rico, and nine counts of Collection of Credit by Extortionate Means, and listed as defendant number eight.

Jack Giacalone's lawyer says he's pleased with the decision. Assistant U.S. Attorney Keith Corbett said "the jury has spoken" and that the government would focus on the other cases from the illegal sports gambling ring.

Vito (Billy Jack) Giacalone, a long time capo, pleaded guilty in a plea bargain in which he formally acknowledged that he was a member of La Cosa Nostra.

On the picture: Anthony "Tony Jack" Giacalone, uncle of Jack V. Giacalone.


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