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Online gambling legalized in Papua New Guinea

The small Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea passed a bill that makes casinos and Internet gambling legal.

Online gambling legalized in Papua New GuineaThe bill titled "The Gaming Control Bill 2007" passed with 61-0 votes in the parliament in its last session, similar to the US case, but with an opposite effect. The law was the brainchild of  the Prime Minister Michael Somare and met a little opposition, although some have claimed that the bill is serving Korean business interests.

Under the new gambling law, there would be hefty fees to enter into the casino, which would be refunded at exiting, to stop gambling addicts and very poor people from gambling. Only one casino per province is allowed, holding a license issued for 10 years. The tax is 20% of the gross profit plus five percent for community improvements.

Internet gambling companies would be allowed to operate from the country's territory, but will have to focus on customers abroad.

This law also creates a National Gaming Control Board which will oversee all gambling activities and work to curb gambling addiction.


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