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Paris Hilton stirs up an online betting campaign

The misbehaving of the daughter of the Hiltons made an online betting website give Paris Hilton her own betting line.

Paris Hilton stirs up an online betting campaign The Paris Hilton props could be found at the website BetUS under their entertainment section. Now, we have to warn you, these are some pretty daring folks to offer betting on Paris - she could do any of the props at anytime.

If you bet that Paris Hilton will manage successful escape - you will get $30,000 on $100 bet if she actually does. BetUS did take a risk with the following: Paris will fall in love with a fellow inmate +15000 odds. Now if you know the young Hilton and her escapades with Britney Spears - expect those odds to fall down on that one as soon as they catch their mistake. The best odds are that Paris Hilton will be caught attempting to escape from jail - only +400. And if you think that she will be jailed for DUI by the end of the year - so do the bookmakers with odds for this to happen only at 2/1.

Why is Paris Hilton going to jail? Just in case you were stranded on a deserted island for the past week and just arriving at the first civilized harbor, Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 fays in jail for probation violation by driving on suspended license. She was caught driving 45 miles (72km/h) over the speed limit at night with headlights off. Paris Hilton blamed her publicist, Elliot Mintz, for not informing her about the suspended license and fired him, just to re-hire the poor guy earlier today.

When does Paris Hilton go to jail? Paris Hilton jail sentence starts on June 5th.


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