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Blair wants two super casinos in the U.K.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair has mentioned the option of two super-casinos to be built in the country.

The proposed super-casino in ManchesterDuring question time in the U.K. parliament, Tony Blair is quoted saying: "Personally I have never seen the reason why we should have Blackpool and Manchester pitted against each other," considering there would be enough investments for two casinos of this size.

A plan that would allow the building of 17 new casinos throughout the Kingdom, with one of them being a super-casino in Manchester, was rejected by the Lords, and many are sure that the gambling law would have passed if Manchester was not the selected city for the super-casino.

Manchester was chosen for the site of the proposed super casino, winning over the other competitor - Blackpool, which many claimed needed the economic boost more. But peers rejected the gambling bill backing the decision to build the super-casino in Manchester, by just three votes.

Blair stated that the government is working on a proposal that would ensure the building of the regional casinos. Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell had attempted to persuade both houses to accept a proposal to create a committee to reconsider the process by which Manchester had been selected, but her efforts failed, as she appeared to suggest the committee could not reconsider the Manchester choice.

The bill was overturned by a joint force of representatives - one side was simply opposed to building a super-casino due to society deterioration concerns, and the other side was against the decision of Manchester being the city for the first super-casino in the U.K.

The future of this casino bill remains unclear as neither side seems to be willing to budge on the issue.


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