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Champions League: AC Milan and Liverpool FC odds of winning

By the time you read this, there will be one day left until the Champions League final game between AC Milan and Liverpool FC, and lets take a look at some betting odds, as well.

Champions League: AC Milan and Liverpool FC odds of winningThe two are well known football names to the European bettor, although neither of them was actually a champion in their countries, the match in Athens will be a top spectacle of football craftsmanship. Why - Milan and Liverpool have won eleven European Champion Clubs' Cups between them. For Milan victory would bring their seventh European crown while Liverpool can make it six.

We have received various emails for the game, some asking if we'll be watching (You got that right), but people are still asking who offers the best odds for betting on the Champions League final. We use odds comparing software to find where the U.K. and European pundits can get the best betting odds.

And so far the U.K. licensed online betting website Bet365 (official website in new window) has the best betting odds, and they even guarantee them. USA bettors are unfortunately not accepted at the U.K. bookmaker, Bodog is an alternative for them.

At Bet365, for the final of the Uefa Champions League, AC Milan has the odds of 2.40 to win the title, and Liverpool FC has 3.50, with 3.00 for a draw. In addition, there are 33 different bets for the match. In-game live betting will also be available, and a £100 bonus for first time customers will sweeten the deal.

Don't forget that the Champions League final will be a very tricky game to guess, and do not let the coefficients swing you one way or the other. Just because the bookies favour AC Milan, it doesn't mean that the never dying spirit of Liverpool won't help them win the Champions League title tomorrow, as they had done this two years ago.

The UEFA Champions League is in Athens, Greece and it starts on the 23rd at 20:45 local time. Good luck to all and lets watch some football!


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