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Gambling report equals further questions for Tommy Thompson

A new report by the Wisconsin gaming investigators raised even more questions of the involvement of the former Gov. Tommy Thompson, now a presidential candidate.

Gambling report equals further questions for Tommy ThompsonThe recently completed report details two attempts by an already indicted businessman to persuade Thompson to give him a hand in a few projects, while Thompson was in the state's office. According to the report Thompson was furious after a group with big donations for his re-election campaign in 1998 did not get a license to operate a dog track from the Wisconsin Racing Board.

Another instance from the gaming report mentions that investors looking to get all the proper documents using the "fast lane" for a casino in Kenosha would have paid over $46 million to a lobbying firm which was owned by Thompson's former chief of staff. The report is an addition to the investigation of the Kenosha businessman Dennis Troha, who had proposed building the casino in Kenosha and has been indicted on charges that he illegally funneled campaign donations to Gov. Jim Doyle. Troha is vowing to fight the charges.

Tony Jewell, spokesman for Tommy Thompson, publicly waved the allegations as nothing more than rumors, and the former Governor himself was unavailable to comment on the report.


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