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BetOnSports PLC pleads guilty

Today U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway announced that the online gambling company BetOnSports PLC has agreed to plead guilty to the federal racketeering charges.

BetOnSports PLC pleads guiltyAfter the former CEO of the company Kaplan pleaded not guilty two weeks ago, the company decided to take a different approach and strike a deal the the U.S. Justice Department. BetOnSports PLC agreed to plead guilty to the federal racketeering charges, in exchange all other charges will be dropped against the online gambling company, but it would require them to provide information in the court cases against Kaplan and Carruthers. They remain under arrest and the plea of the company would not end their prosecution.

Kaplan, who was arrested in the Dominican Republic and extradited back to the U.S., has a detention hearing scheduled for Friday morning in St. Louis.

The U.K.-based Internet gambling company is also ordered to repay all the money of U.S. customers held since June 1st of 2006, when the charges were filed.

Sentencing for BetOnSports is set for Oct. 19.


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