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Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Rosie and "The View", O'Donnell odds on own show

The show producer ABC Network has officially announced the early departure of Rosie O'Donnell from The View as of Friday.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Rosie and "The View"; O'Donnell odds on own showAlthough the network claims that Rosie herself asked for the untimely break-up, we all know that it might have been Elisabeth, or more precise, the argument between Rosie and Elisabeth which sped up the leave of Rosie. She was supposed to leave The View in three weeks. But could have the conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck provoked Rosie into the battle that took place two days ago? Hasselbeck used the phrase, "the enemy in Iraq," which is always lethal when it comes to O'Donnell, and she as a long time co-host should have known that there is no talking to Rosie - you either fight, or you back down. And the argument seemed to be fueled by Hasselbeck, so could the whole ordeal been on purpose? I mean, everybody knew Rosie O'Donnell was leaving The View in 3 weeks, maybe Barbara decided to "speed things up" a little.

It was surprising to see Trump bashing at both co-hosts, saying " Elisabeth is not a very smart person, she’s one of the dumber people in television...This one, I think, Rosie should win, but Rosie’s not much herself..." C'mon Trump, you could do better than that.

But besides the scandals (or maybe thanks to them) Rosie O'Donnell is guarantee to get a new show. She brings ratings wherever she goes, so it would be quite natural for Rosie to take a breather and maybe this time start her own show. She must be tired of co-hosts, plus she loves to hear herself talk - so why not just "The Rosie O'Donnell New Early Show" or something? Oh, yeah, there are odds for her new show, at the end, we are a gambling publication, not The View online. The online bookmaker Bodog has cancelled the betting on Rosie which I told you about on my earlier article (The View fired Rosie a few hours after we were alerted that there was betting on her), but they have decided to keep the ball rolling. What could people bet on? Which network will be the first to sign Rosie O'Donnell to host her own television show:

Fox - 7/1,
ABC - 5/1 (very odd),
CBS - 4/1 (very possible I think),
NBC - 5/2,
CW - 3/1,
CNN - 5/1,
Any other network - 3/1.

Good luck to Rosie O'Donnell and good luck to The View.



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