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UFC 71: Final odds on Liddell vs. Jackson before the fight

The Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC 71 starts tonight at 10:00pm EST in MGM Grand Garden Arena.

UFC 71: Final odds on Liddell vs. Jackson before the fightThe fight promises to be a real slaughterhouse. It will be broadcasted on Pay-Per-View, so check your local providers for channels and prices. Chuck Liddell has to revenge his losses, and Quinton Jackson promised on national TV that he will whoop Liddell's ass. You know there will be no holding back by either of the fighters, and the battle will begin from round 1 all the way till someone's on the ground unconscious. Brutal stuff are coming tonight at the UFC 71, do not miss it.

You can still place a bet at Bookmaker for the UFC 71, here are the last odds:

Quinton Jackson odds to win the UFC 71 are +160.

Chuck Liddell odds are -200.

We predict the winner of the UFC fight will be Jackson.


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