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Alex Rodriguez a.k.a. A-Rod stripper controversy

The Yankee player Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) continues to make the headlines, and so is Cynthia Rodriguez, his wife.

Alex Rodriguez a.k.a. A-Rod stripper controversyAfter A-Rod was caught by the lens of the New York Post, Rodriguez has been the hottest news all over the world. If you have missed the scandal - the New York Post published a picture of Alex Rodriguez entering a Toronto strip club with an unidentified blond female.

Rumors immediately surfaced that his wife Cynthia Rodriguez was packing her bags and leaving the baseball player, after Cynthia was seen leaving their apartment with two suitcases in hands.

But now it seems that the couple is working things out. Cynthia Rodriguez was with A-Rod yesterday in Beantown, where the Yankees will play the Red Sox tonight.

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Alex stopped his wife from answering any questions about the stripper scandal or the condition of their relationship. The Daily News claims that she plans to stay with him through the weekend, then travel with him to Chicago as the Bombers continue a 10-day road trip.

The Daily News also spread the rumor that A-Rod is known for texting strippers with dirty messages. And a stripper at the Hustler Club by the stage name Monique admits that she knows Alex Rodriguez, but adds "I don't want to get him in anymore trouble than he's already in."

Published on 06/01/2007

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