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Paris Hilton: Prosecutor's wife with driving violation of her own

A surprising twist in the Paris Hilton DUI drama, as City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo's wife ducking her own driving violation.

Paris Hilton: Prosecutor's wife with driving violation of her own Michelle Delgadillo, wife of the prosecutor screaming special treatment in Paris Hilton case, was wanted until yesterday on a nine-year-old arrest warrant for skipping court on her own driving violations. Mrs. Delgadillo was sentenced to a year's probation and $431 in fines after pleading "no contest" to one count of driving without a license. the City Attorney acknowledged that his wife had been driving his city-owned SUV on a suspended license, when it was damaged in a 2004 accident and later repaired at taxpayer expense.

 But that's not all - Rocky Delgadillo also admitted that he drove for more than a year without automobile insurance required of all California drivers and that his wife, Michelle, was uninsured when she left the scene of another 2004 accident involving the couple's personal car.

 Closer attention to the driving records of the family was paid by the media, after Delgadillo criticized the release of Paris Hilton from jail and being placed on house arrest. Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving on a suspended license following a DUI. Delgadillo's office prosecuted Paris in that case.

 Paris Hilton currently holds the odds of 12/1 to be arrested again for a DUI, according to the online oddsmaker Bodog.

Published on 06/21/2007

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