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Ricky Hatton denying Castillo in four rounds

The referee counted Jose Luis Castillo out on one knee after two minutes and 16 seconds into round four.

Ricky Hatton denying Castillo in four rounds This was the third fight for the British boxer in the United States and he did a great job rounding up a spectacle for his fans. Future fights against the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya are now a possibility in the near future for Hatton. Size may prevent an actual fight between De La Hoya and Hatton.

 Ricky Hatton dominated most of the fight, clocking in a few fast punches at a time and clinching Castillo after. The strategy proved perfect for this fight. And in round four, with a deceiving move, Hatton got Castillo to open a patch to his ribs, thinking the punch will come to his head. Hatton seized the opportunity and a fast left found Castillo just below the elbow, sending the Mexican fighter on one knee and listening to the referee counting him out of the fight.

 The betting odds for the Hatton vs. Castillo fight were -175 for the Britton and +145 for Castillo, according to the betting site Bookmaker.

Published on 06/24/2007

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