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Big Brother 8 housemates counting sheep

Is there anything that the Big-Brother contestants haven't done? How about counting sheep.

Big Brother 8 housemates counting sheep A new twist comes to the Big Brother 8, and this time it's not money. The afternoon of Day 27 will be a hot one, as the housemates will have to dress up as sheep, just so they could win some more time on the sleep clock.

 Here is the "Little Bo Peep Must Count Her Sheep" deal -  Liam and Laura were told they would have to dress up as Little Bo Peep and the rest of the housemates as sheep. Then Liam and Laura will count the number of jumps the rest will make over fences, that had been placed in the garden. If they write down the correct number of sheep-jumps, an extra hour will be added to the sleep clock.

 This little exercise won't spoil Liam's mood, after winning the £100,000 within days of entering the Big Brother house. Big Brother gave the three housemates up for eviction – Carole Vincent, Seany O’Kane and Tracey Barnard – one minute to decide which of their fellow housemates should get a £100,000 cash prize, and after debating, Liam was chosen. And another £100,000 could be on its way to Liam's bank account - according to the British online bookmaker Bet365, Liam has the odds on winning Big Brother 8 at 7/2, making him the favorite.

With £200,000 in mind, is there anything that could spoil the day for Liam?

Published on 06/25/2007

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