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"Shaq’s Big Challenge" premiers on ABC

 Shaq's latest TV appearance "Shaq’s Big Challenge" premiers tonight on ABC.

"Shaq’s Big Challenge" premiers on ABC Finally we can see Shaq on his new TV show which will premier tonight on ABC.  Shaquille O’Neal, chef Tyler Florence and Shaq’s coach at Louisiana State University, Dale Brown, will try to help reform six overweight Florida middle school pupils.

 The ABC pitch reads: "Childhood obesity is a fast-growing epidemic in the U.S. Obese children face a shorter lifespan due to weight-related illnesses such as increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. But hope has arrived for America's children. Shaquille O'Neal, a four-time NBA champion and a role model to millions, is on a quest to battle this scourge and help kids across America live more healthfully."

 As the show opens, O'Neal is going to the kids’ homes to meet them and their parents for the first time. All of the kids are medically obese. They will work with Shaq, Florence and Brown to help overcome the problem through diet, training, and of course, through moral support from the "likable giant".

It would be great to see Shaq NOT doing a TV commercial.

Published on 06/26/2007

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