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Hillary Clinton pulls out the big gun, Bill in Iowa

 Former President Bill Clinton was next to Hilary during the campaign in Iowa.

Hillary Clinton pulls out the big gun, Bill in Iowa Bill Clinton seems to be the strongest weapon in Hillary's arsenal when campaigning in states where she is not atop of the polls. Bill was next to the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate in her rally in Iowa on Monday, as well. A very casual Bill threw in a few jokes, "warmed up" the crowd and let Hillary do her usual routine - improvement of the domestic policy and ending the war in Iraq.

 Despite arriving for the rally an hour late than scheduled, a warm welcome from the public proved that Hillary Clinton still has a good shot at the state with the first caucuses of the nomination process. One thing to keep in mind is that usually Bill Clinton plays a behind-the-scene role in Hilary's campaign. The fact that Hillary Clinton had to bring along Bill at the rally, to ensure the people that he will be helping in the White House, could be a sign of her campaign loosing momentum.

 Hillary Clinton still has the best odds among all of the presidential candidates to win the 2008 Elections, 2/1 as posted by the Internet betting website, and even the U.K. bookmaker Bet365 agrees with 6/4 odds on Clinton.

 But Barack Obama is closing the gap between the two democratic candidates, reporting over $30 million in funds raised in his second quarter. That's $10 million more than Hillary Clinton is expected to report. Obama still has the odds of 7/2 to win, but an adjustment of his odds lurks in the near future. If we start seeing more and more of Bill Clinton at Hillary's campaigns, you may want to consider adjusting your betting strategy.

Published on 07/03/2007

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