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Sochi, Russia will host the 2014 Winter Olympic games

 The Black Sea resort of Sochi Russia was awarded the hosting of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Sochi, Russia will host the 2014 Winter Olympic games These will be the first Olympic games hosted in Russia since 1980. Sochi, once a playground for the Russian elite, is a small resort on the coast of Black Sea. The Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to put $12 billion to work and transfer the Soviet-era resort into a world-class winter resort.

 Russia has never hosted Winter Olympics before, although Moscow was the host city for the 1980 Summer Olympics.

 Great victory not just for the Russian winter sports, but for the politicians and businessmen. Sochi still retains its Soviet infrastructure and accommodations, the current roads will not be wide enough for the Olympic traffic, and the Soviet-style hotels and villas (datcha) will struggle to accommodate the number of visitors expected with each Olympic Games.

 Billions of dollars will be poured into Sochi from the government and private investors to reconstruct the Black Sea resort. A measure welcomed by the region, as well as the millions of dollars that would be spent by the foreign visitors.

 Here is a map of Sochi, Russia:

Map of Sochi Russia

Sochi, Russia map:

Sochi Russia Map

Published on 07/05/2007

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