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Lindi Hingston admits doing it with Pete Doherty

 In an exclusive, the Sunday Mirror got a confession from Lindi Hingston about Kate and Pete.

Lindi Hingston admits doing it with Pete Doherty The 29-year-old South African model Lindi Hingston has admitted that she did spend a night with Pete Doherty. Hingston is the person being blamed for the split of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty.

 Lindi Hingston shares with the Mirror that she felt guilty, but she had to "do it" with the rocker. Among her previous lovers, Lindi also mentions Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose, and she always had a thing for singers and other celebrities.

 The model confessed to a friend about her night of passion with Pete Doherty, after she met him in a nightclub in London about two weeks ago. Lindi Hingston also claims that Pete has called her a few times after that night, asking to see her again. She told her friend the sex had been "fantastic... in every way." Hingston, however, said she would like to stay with her current boyfriend, although meeting Pete again is quite possible.

Lindi Hingston spilled the beans in a time, when rumours circulate that Kate Mossis is preparing to check herself into rehab. Meanwhile Kate has been spotted cleaning up her apartment from Pete's belongings.

Published on 07/08/2007

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