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Jerry Yang wins the 2007 World Series of Poker

 Jerry Yang is the winner of the 2007 WSOP Texas Hold'em main event, beating Tuan Lam with a low straight.

Jerry Yang wins the 2007 World Series of Poker Jerry Yang sat on the final table at the 2007 World Series of Poker with a chip count second to last - 8.45 million, but the immigrant from Laos turned his chip stack into real cash, taking home $8.25 million as the winner of the 2007 WSOP. At the final showdown, Jerry Yang (not the co-founder of Yahoo!) had to battle Tuan Lam from Canada, who entered the last day of the poker championship with second best chip count - 21.315 million.

 At the end, a low straight was all Yang needed to beat Lam's pair of queens and take the bracelet and a bag full of cash. Jerry Yang is a perfect example of why poker tournaments are so attractive - all Yang had invested was $225 buy-in at a satellite tourney in California. Now the $225 have turned into $8.25 million. Anyone could do the same - the online poker website Bodog Poker (new window) runs tournaments worth $3.5 million every month.

 Jerry Yang is just the next amateur to make it big on the poker scene. According to the Laotian immigrant, he started playing poker just a couple of years ago, and with six kids, he has little tie to play his favorite game. Now that he got a piece of the American Dream, he will have all the time in the world to "work on his poker skills".

 We now know who won the 2007 World Series of Poker, let's see when the rest got eliminated. Ironically, the final table chip leader Philip Hilm went out first, falling victim to an all-in showdown with Jerry Yang. Next to follow him were Lee Watkinson, Lee Childs and Hevad "Rain" Khan, all three of them also sent home by Yang. Jon Kalmar was next to go, but he was the first millionaire at the 2007 World Series of Poker. The underdog Alex Kravchenko was defeated next in the wee hours. Raymond Rahme finished third at the main event of the WSOP. Then it was down to Jerry Yang and Tuan Lam.

Published on 07/18/2007

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