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Barry Bonds indictment thread, home runs, Bud Selig

 While Barry Bonds will be looking for a home run record, Bid Selig may be looking at the home run record, and the Feds are looking into Barry Bonds home runs.

Barry Bonds indictment thread, home runs, Bud Selig Tough times for Barry Bonds and the 753rd homer does nothing to cheer the baseball player. The pressure to beat Henry Aaron's all-time record of 755 is piling up as the games approach. But so are the rumors.

 Commissioner Bud Selig is in a pickle. Will he attend Barry Bonds game? The current answer is yes, and Selig was at the game on Friday. But what will Selig do when Bonds hits the 756th? If he is present at that game, and shake his hand, does it mean that the Commissioner is OK with Bonds alleged using of performance-enhancing substances? If he is not there when Barry Bonds get the record, it would be a shame for a Commissioner to miss history in the making. Tough break.

 The New York Daily News meanwhile found a source who claims that the Feds have enough evidence to secure an indictment for Barry Bonds comes September, when the grand jury is supposed to reconvene. Barry Bonds is being investigated for perjury and tax evasion. The Perjury comes from his 2003 testimony that he had taken the substances identified as steroids, but at the time had no idea what they were. But the prosecutors were sure of the opposite, and opened a perjury case against Bonds. The tax evasion comes as a result of the testimony of his former girlfriend Kimberly Bell, who said that Barry Bonds gave her $80,000 in cash from memorabilia sale, which was not declared on his tax returns.

 For the game on Saturday, the Giants have to odds on winning +115, and the Milwaukee Brewers -125, according to the betting website Bodog Sports.

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Published on 07/21/2007

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