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NBA ref Tim Donaghy receiving threatening calls

 NBA referee Tim Donaghy, who is under investigation for illegal betting and affecting point spread of basketball games, has received threatening calls.

NBA ref Tim Donaghy receiving threatening calls The police has dispatched three sheriff cars at the Florida home of Tim Donaghy, the NBA ref under FBI investigation for illegal betting, after he received at least two calls with threats on his life. "There is reason for us to keep an eye on his place and follow up," said the spokesman for the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. According to the local police reports, the calls came on Sunday, and both are believed to be made from the same person.

 The FBI is looking into the veteran NBA ref Tim Donaghy in an alleged involvement in a betting ring, and possible point spread fixing of games he has officiated and betting on. According to the authorities, Tim Donaghy has a gambling problem and was approached by a low-level mobster to join an illegal betting ring. Some reports indicate that the Feds don't have enough evidence to prove that Tim Donaghy actually threw games he bet on, but they suspect that Donaghy may have given confidential information to the mobsters. It is also expected that the 13-year NBA veteran will implicate other refs and players on illegal betting.

 According to the NY Daily News, NBA knew about Donaghy's gambling problem, and even sent a private investigator last year to sniff around and question his former neighbors in Pennsylvania. Despite the fact that his gambling problem what somewhat confirmed, NBA allowed Donaghy to continue working games for the rest of the season.

 The NBA still keeps silent about the referee betting scandal and said Commissioner David Stern would speak publicly this week. Meanwhile, an NBA conference scheduled for Monday was cancelled today.

Published on 07/23/2007

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