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Sports scandals ripe in July, here is the harvest

 Major sporting scandals in July, no more dignity left in any sport, anywhere in the world.

 The month of July is when we pick the sports scandals, ripe and fresh from the vine. This piece of sporting disgrace is not aimed at anyone in particular, and it chases no points. It's a simple list of the biggest scandals by sport during the month of July 2007. We would just like to remind the sports bettors all over the world that the bad apples should always be factored when wagering.

 NFL - During the month of July, the major football scandal was, of course, Michael Vick. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback was indicted on dog fighting charges, after the FBI found a whole lot of evidence that illegal dogfights occurred on his Virginia property, and an illegal dogfighting ring named "Bad Newz Kennels" was "headquartered" there. Michael Vick claims no part and is innocent until proven guilty.

 Also in football, this time college, three Villanova football players being investigated in a sexual assault had their admission to the university rescinded. They have yet to be charged, but the scandal is brewing and should explode in due time.

 NBA - Tim Donaghy made the headlines, after the Feds accused the veteran NBA referee of participating in illegal sports betting ring, fixing point spreads of games he officiated in the past 2 years. Donaghy is ready for a plea barging, according to his lawyer. NBA calls the incident "isolated" and admitted conducting an internal investigation of Donaghy's gambling addiction. Tim Donaghy is also innocent until proven guilty.

 MLB - Barry Bonds is about to break Aaron's homer record, but the excitement was diluted by the latest on his legal troubles. Now a BALCO chemist surfaced on HBO to claim that Bonds did know about "the clear" steroid. Barry Bonds' testimony is still under investigation for perjury. Tax evasion also hangs over Bonds. Barry Bonds is innocent until proven guilty.

 Tour de France - Poor Tour, it just keeps on coming. First, the favorite to win Alexandre Vinokourov dropped dirty for his A-test. According to officials two different types of red blood cells were found during the test, which meant that Vinokourov has injected blood cells from a capable donor to enhance his performance. The results of his B-test are pending, nevertheless, he was kicked out of the race. The leader of Tour de France, Michael Rasmussen, also got the boot from his team. Although the manager claims it was because Rasmussen lied about his whereabouts last month, it could well have something to do with missing four doping tests in the last 18 months.

 Formula 1 - There will be no U.S. Grand Prix next year, but this is not the scandal. Today the leader among the constructors (and drivers) McLaren-Mercedes was found guilty of possessing Ferrari dosuments. Although no penalty will be imposed on the team, the two engineers involved in the Formula 1 spying scandals will likely "get theirs". Nigel Stepney, former Ferrari engineer, stands accused of supplying technical information to the former MCLaren chief engineer Mike Coughlan.

 MMA (UFC) -  Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca received one-year suspensions and were fined $2,500 each by the California State Athletic Commission on Thursday for failing drug tests after their July 7 bout part of the UFC 73 card.

 Horse Racing (UK) - British jockeys Tony Culhane and rival Dean Mernagh were suspended after they were found guilty of providing insider information and betting scam.

 Wrestling - Chris Benoit toxicology report released on July 17th shows elevated level of testosterone during the murder-suicide.

 And these are just the major scandals rocking the sports in July. Many more "minor" brushes with the law occurred, but for some reason athletes pulled over for DUI, arrested on drug possession charges or strip club shootings just don't seem as juicy as they would have years ago...

Published on 07/26/2007

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