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Thierry Henry and family kidnapping plot

 The security around the Barcelona footballer Thierry Henry has been increased in fears of a kidnapping.

Thierry Henry and family kidnapping plot The wife and daughter of the French footballer Thierry Henry are under heavy security after Special Branch tipped them off about a possible kidnap. It is rumored that the kidnap plan has been developed by the Romanian Mafia, after Henry signed with Barcelona a £16 million deal which would pay him a weekly salary of about £130,000. The main person targeted for the kidnap was likely his 2-year-old daughter, who would have been held for a hefty ransom.

 Security has always been tight around the family of the famous player, but now has been beefed up to 24 hours home protection and extends to personal bodyguards for his wife Claire (Nicole Merry) and their daughter Tea.

 The kidnapping threat would undoubtedly put even more stress on the already fragile marriage between the model Claire and Thierry Henry. Earlier this month it was reported that Thierry Henry has walked out on his wife and that the failing marriage of the couple was the main reason Henry took the job in Barcelona.

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Published on 07/29/2007

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