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Gun and drugs found in Rod Beck house

 The police report reveals that cocaine and a gun was found at Rod Beck's house during a search after he died.

Gun and drugs found in Rod Beck house According to the Phoenix police, evidence of cocaine and other drug paraphernalia was found in the home of the former Giants pitcher Rod Beck, during a search of the home, after he died on June 23rd. The evidence was found throughout Beck's home, including the bathroom and in the bedroom, where the three-time All-Star was found. According to the report, "four small canisters contained a white powdery residue of suspected cocaine. The larger canister contained a dried paste, commonly used to produce rock cocaine." The police also found a loaded semi-automatic gun in a bag in the house.

 The toxicological exam results are still not ready and cause of dead will be established after those results become available. Rod Beck's wife, Stacey, meanwhile released a statement about his death, discussing his addiction to drugs.

 Rod Beck was found dead on June 23rd, after he called his personal assistant Tina Buchanan, saying he was not feeling well. When Buchanan arrived at his house, she found Rod Beck dead on the bedroom floor. According to Tine Buchanan, she was aware that Beck was using cocaine on a daily basis, but she did not know how much he was using.

 Rod Beck spent the first seven of his 13 major league seasons with the San Francisco Giants and left the San Diego Padres during his final major league season in 2004, the reason believed to be joining a drug rehabilitation program, although it was never admitted by the pitcher. Rod Beck has two daughters from his wife Stacey.

Published on 08/01/2007

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