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Mary-Louise Parker naked photo with the snake

The Internets were booming today, somewhere down their tubes, there was a naked picture of Mary-Louise Parker with a snake.

Mary-Louise Parker naked photo with the snake Mary-Louise Parker had to strip down to her baby suit and pose alongside David Duchovny in the promo photo for her new Showtime comedy series "Weeds". But  a brave solder in live and a dope-dealing mom on the screen, Parker simply said that posing naked was no big deal, but it was the snake which bothered her.

 "I didn't think I was going to do it actually. But then, they were there and the snake was there, and I didn't want the snake to win, so I put the snake on. And actually, I grew to really love the snake - by the end of the day," Mary-Louise Parker explained. The famous naked picture of Mary-Louise Parker with the snake is on the left. There is not much to it, but as Mary-Louise said it herself - there are plenty of naked pictures of her, just Google it.

The third season of her comedy series "Weeds" start tonight at 10pm EST, followed by David Duchovny's "Californications" on Showtime.

You may remember Parker from her role in "The West Wing" as the political strategist Amy Gardner. Mary-Louise Parker won an Emmy for “Angels in America”, a Tony for “Proof” and two Golden Globes for “Weeds” and “Angels”. Very funny comedy, do not miss it, tonight at 10:00pm on Showtime.

Watch Nancy telling her kids she is a drug dealer ("Weeds"):


Published on 08/13/2007

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