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NBA player shot at DeShawn Stevenson home

An unidentified NBA player shot at the house of the Wizards guard DeShawn Stevenson.

NBA player shot at DeShawn Stevenson home A player has been shot at the house of DeShawn Stevenson, a guard with the Washington Wizards. The name of the shot NBA player has not been released yet. According to reports, the police was called at the address of the house of Stevenson, after someone reported shots fired at the home.

 DeShawn Stevenson was at the home, along with Brandon Hunter of the Cleveland Cavaliers, another man and a woman. Reports claim that DeShawn Stevenson an the other men were at the Destiny Club, when they met several women and invited them back to Stevenson's house in Orange County. When the arrived, apparently a man inside a white Cadillac Escalade followed them to the home and began arguing with some of the women for a reason unknown.

 When the man returned to the Escalade, Hunter said he began walking toward the home when shots were fired. The identity of the shooting suspect was not immediately released, and it's not known if the gunman is in custody.

Published on 08/20/2007

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