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Hillary Clinton and John McCain speak at the VFW convention

The Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Democrat Hillary Clinton offered different strategies on the war in Iraq on Monday.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain speak at the VFW convention Monday marked the third day of the national Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Kansas City, Missouri, and both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates will have the opportunity to address the veterans. Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain both had the chance to speak to the nation's veterans on Monday and it came to no surprise when the Sens. offered completely different strategies on the war in Iraq, both presidential hopefuls, however, received applause from the audience.

 Hillary Clinton spoke to the veterans first, giving credit to Sen. John McCain for his service during the Vietnam war and for the many trips he made in the Middle East, including Iraq. Clinton said that the best way to honor the service of U.S. troops would be to bring them home and that it is unacceptable for our military to be under fire, while the Iraqi government is on vacation. Hillary Clinton asserted that she wants to restore the image of America abroad and that it's time for the Iraqi government to take responsibility for itself and its people.

 GOP presidential candidate John McCain was against removal of U.S. troops from Iraq, assuring the attendees that such a strategy would jeopardize not only the Iraqis, but destabilize the entire region, giving more power to U.S.-hostile nations, such as Iran. "Our defeat in Iraq would be catastrophic, not for Iraq, but for us," McCain was quoted. John McCain cautioned that a withdrawal of the American troops would be a mistake bigger than previously made in the country. He also asked for patience, after acknowledging that Americans are getting "sick and tired" of the war. "As long as we have a chance to succeed, we must try to succeed," Sen. McCain told thousands of veterans on Monday.

 The online oddsmakers have Hillary Clinton as the favorite to become the next U.S. President with odds on the NY Senator at 2/1, big lead over John McCain who is trailing with odds 16/1 to lead the country in 2009, as posted by Bodog Sports.

 The VFW convention will continue tomorrow when Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. Fred Thompson will address the convention. Latest reports indicate that Fred Thompson will announce his candidacy for President after Labor Day, but he is already informally campaigning throughout the country. President George W. Bush is scheduled to address the veterans on Wednesday. The VFW National Convention in 2007 is held between August 18th and August 23rd in Kansas City, Missouri.

Published on 08/20/2007

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