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Lance Briggs Lamborghini found empty after car crash

A Lamborghini registered to Lance Briggs was found abandoned in Chicago after a crash.

Lance Briggs Lamborghini found empty after car crash A damaged black Lamborghini was found on the north side of Chicago early today. According to the police, the Lamborghini was registered to Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs and it was abandoned after hitting a light pole on I-94. Lance Briggs contacted the police on Monday to discuss the whereabouts of his luxury sports car, the police said, and arrangements made for a meeting to discuss the accident.

 According to the local radio Newsradio 780, the Lamborghini was in a photo shoot on Sunday and an auto shop was supposed to put a #55 image on the vehicle. At this time the police does not know if Briggs was behind the wheel or in the car at the time of the accident. Chicago Bears spokesman Scott Hagel said Briggs was not injured, but declined to say if Lance Briggs was in the Lamborghini when it crashed or provide any other comments on the accident.

 The Chicago police says that it does not appear anyone was injured in the car crash, but the driver could face misdemeanor charges for improper lane usage and leaving the scene of the accident.

 The Chicago Bears drafted Lance Briggs in 2003 but this summer he was involved in a lengthy dispute with the Bears about his contract, threatening to sit out 10 games, after the Bears placed the franchise tag on him. Later he accepted the one year $7.2 million contract in exchange for a promise that the Bears will not apply the tag after the 2007 season.

Published on 08/27/2007

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