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Senator Larry Craig quits Mitt Romney campaign

After the news of his arrest, Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) has stepped down from Mitt Romney's campaign.

Senator Larry Craig quits Mitt Romney campaign A big hit to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, as the notorious Senator from Idaho, Larry Craig, announced he will step down from his role as a liaison to build support among GOP senators for the former Massachusetts governor's 2008 campaign. The Romney camp said that not wanting to be a distraction to the campaign was the reason Craig is leaving. According to CNN, an YouTube video of Sen. Larry Craig endorsing Mitt Romney has also been pulled off. We, of course, found the video and you can watch it below.

 Roll Call, a newspaper publishing on Congress, reported first that Sen. Larry Craig was apprehended on June 11th by a plainclothes police officer investigating complaints of lewd behavior in an airport men's room. At that time Craig plead guilty, explaining he wanted to take care of this incident as fast as possible and now regrets the guilty plea.

 According to Roll Call, the plainclothes police officer was sitting in the men's room, when the Senator entered the stall next door and blocked the door with his luggage. Allegedly, Craig then touched the officer's foot with his foot and the senator "proceeded to swipe his hand under the stall divider several times" and at that point the officer identified himself before any sexual conduct took place, claims Roll Call, citing the police report of the incident.

 "At the time of this incident, I complained to the police that they were misconstruing my actions. I was not involved in any inappropriate conduct. I should have had the advice of counsel in resolving this matter. In hindsight, I should not have pled guilty. I was trying to handle this matter myself quickly and expeditiously," was the official statement from Sen. Larry Craig.

 Mitt Romney currently holds the odds to become the Republican nominee for President in 2008 of 4/1, according to Bodog Sports, and 9/1 to be the next U.S. President.

 Video of Sen. Larry Craig on Mitt Romney:


Published on 08/28/2007

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