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NFL odds and lines Week 1 football betting

NFL season begins this week, we take a look at the betting odds and lines offered on the first round of football games.

NFL odds and lines Week 1 football betting The start of the NFL season is finally here, on Thursday the New Orleans Saints will play the opener against the Indianapolis Colts. The online sportsbook Bookmaker (new window) has listed the Indianapolis Colts as the undisputed favorite to win the game with betting line -260, and the odds on the Saints are +220.

 After the NFL opener, we'll take a break for a couple of days and on Sunday and Monday football is back in full force with the rest of the games. Kansas City will play the Houston Texans, odds on this game are Kansas City +150, the Texans favorite with line -170. Denver Broncos have the odds -175 to beat the Buffalo Bills with betting odds +155, as posted at Bookmaker. Pittsburgh are listed favorite to win with odds -203 against the Cleveland Browns, who have stopped the betting lines at +190 for their first NFL game. The Jacksonville Jaguars are favored by Bookmaker to win against Tennessee, odds on the Jags -300, Tennessee listed lines +250, promising huge payout if the game turns different than the experts predict. The Panthers and the Rams is one of the most unpredictable football games in the NFL opener, the betting lines on this game are -105 on Carolina and -115 on St. Louis.

 Two other football games are set for an enormous payouts if things do not go as predicted. The New England Patriots are listed with odds -275 to beat the New York Jets +235 and Seattle is clear favorite to win against Tampa Bay, lines are -275 on Seattle and +235 on Tampa Bay. 

Here are the rest of the NFL odds and lines on Week 1 football games:

Philadelphia (-175) at Green Bay (+155);
Atlanta (+140) at Minnesota (-160);
Miami (+140) at Washington (-160);
New England (-275) at NY Jets (+235);
Tampa Bay (+235) at Seattle (-275);
Detroit (+105) at Oakland (-125);
NY Giants (+215) at Dallas (-225);

And on Monday the following lines on the football games:

Baltimore (+125) at Cincinnati (-145);
Arizona (+160) at San Francisco (-190);

All odds and lines on the NFL games are courtesy of Bookmaker. Visit their website for the latest point spreads and totals.

For the future odds and betting lines on individual NFL teams, visit our home page. There you can find the odds on each football team to win the Super Bowl, the AFC/NFC and more.

Published on 09/04/2007

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