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Dear Visitor,

In our strive to make the leader in online gambling content, we now give everybody the chance to be an author and get their 15 minutes of fame.
There are three different types of content you could submit to this website, choose the one for you:

News Submit - If you have gambling news we don't know about and you would like to share them.

Article Submit - Do you have anything interesting to write about? We would like to read it.

Casino Review Submit - Are you an affiliate manager and would like to see your casino, poker room or bingo hall reviewed?

What do you get:

For News and Articles, upon approval - you will receive a link to your website from that page.
For casino reviews - you will get your casino (casinos) reviewed in a words you find suitable, and you will get a link to that casino, without an affiliate code of ours.

How it works:

If you would like to submit news or articles we recommend first to email us with the URL of the link you would like to post as the source for the news/articles. No spammy websites, doorway pages and such will be accepted.
If we find your URL suitable, we will email you back with more details.

If you would like to submit casino review - you must be an affiliate manager for the program representing the casino. In exchange, you must link from a). The casino home page or b). The affiliate program's home page back to

If you are interested, please, contact us at

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