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Evaluating your starters in Texas Hold'em poker

The first moves you make in a game of Texas Hold'em poker will often determine how well you do that round.

Evaluating your starters in Texas Hold'em poker Once you see your hole cards, you have to make the critical decision between staying in or folding. It’s the point in the hand where most players will decide if they’re in it until the end or not. For that reason, it’s important to be able to evaluate the cards you have in your hand to see if they can get you the pot. Let’s take a look at the combinations you could be dealt and what they mean to you.

 Pairs. If you’re dealt a high pair in hold ‘em, you are holding onto the best cards possible. High pairs will win over low pairs and unpaired hands, and they don’t need any help from the board to do so. Low pairs are all right as well, much better than an unpaired hand, but you may find yourself competing with a higher pair. Still, holding tow fours and having one more come up improves your odds significantly. If you are dealt pairs, stick it out at least until the next round.

 Suited connectors. These cards give you a chance at a flush, a straight, or a straight flush; they are cards that are sequential as well as in the same suit. K-Q hearts is an example. These cards can be increased to pairs, trips, two pairs, or full houses as well. In any case, you will need some help from the board in order to have a power hand. They’ll keep you in the game until the turn card at least. High cards are preferable as connectors; with a low connector (or stupid connector) you might want to fold if you don’t get a big draw.

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 Suited cards. The best chance you have with suited cards is for the flush, but you’ll need help from the board to get it. Suited cards are two cards in the same suit, and of course having a high card here is preferable since it’s likely that another player at the table will also get the flush, and the high card will win.

 Connected cards: These are cards in sequence, and you’re looking for the straight. Hole cards like 10-9 mean that if the flop comes up 8-J-3 you have an open ended straight and either a Q or a 7 will clinch it for you.

 High Cards: You’ve got a chance at a good hand if you’re holding a couple of high cards in your hand, especially if they’re close together on the spectrum. Play with any ace, and K-10, J-K, etc are attractive hole cards to build on even if they’re off suit.

 Rag cards. Simply put, any two WILL NOT DO!!! Even cards of the same suit are too long to take a shot with if they turn up in your pocket. Automatically fold any hand that isn’t high, connected, or suited.


Published on 07/07/2007

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