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Some Basic Bingo Tips

Bingo is a game that’s been around forever, a game that offers players a chance at a good time as well as at winning some money.

Some Basic Bingo Tips I would put bingo into the pure luck category of gambling games; despite what some people may swear to, there is really no way to strategically think your way to a favorable outcome in bingo. Still, there are tips that any bingo player can employ. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to divide those tips into ones that can heighten your odds of winning, and ones that will help you get along better with your fellow players. After all, a big part of bingo night is the social aspect.

 Tips that can heighten your odds

 In bingo, your odds of winning are directly related to the number of people who you are in a game with. No matter if you are playing in a land based bingo hall or an internet bingo room, therefore, you have a better chance of winning when it is less busy. In brick and mortar bingo halls, that means playing weekdays (Monday to Thursday) as well as Friday daytimes. Weekends are busy, and that means more people with more cards!

 One of the big temptations for any bingo player is to increase the odds by buying a number of cards. This does work, of course, but it’s important not to overstretch yourself. If you can’t keep up as the numbers are called, you might actually decrease your odds of winning by missing a few daubs!

 Finally, don’t sit in a position where you can’t hear the caller easily. Remember to take background noise into account here; missing a number will mean losing a game in almost every version, so you have to be able to hear them!

 Courtesy tips

 In all bingo halls, there are going to be regular players, and these players often expect to sit in the same seat. Like everything else that involves chance, bingo players have their own superstitions, and lucky seats are a HUGE one. In addition, some players may not be able to participate effectively in a different seat (see the last point above!). Don’t intrude on anyone’s turf!

 Pay really close attention and make sure you’re not marking off numbers that haven’t been called. Nothing is more annoying to other players than a person who is constantly up and down claiming a non-existent win.

 Avoid rude behavior. Remember, it’s a game of luck. It’s not the callers fault if you are having trouble getting a win on a particular night, and it certainly isn’t your fellow players. Don’t be rude or yell in frustration; if you really start to feel intense, it’s probably time to take a break.

 The most important thing to remember when you’re playing bingo is not to try and cheat your way to a win. Players alter their cards all the time when they play bingo, even though halls catch this behavior easily and punish it severely (most of the time, you’ll be placed under a long ban). Don’t cheat, even if it seems fool proof.


Published on 07/12/2007

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