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Best betting sites: List of top bookies

Which are the best betting sites and see who made the top bookies list this year.

 Nowadays the Internet is full of betting sites, offering bonuses, promotions and low juice. But what you may not realize is that most of those betting sites are nothing but scammers and cheaters and some are simply on the low spectrum of important things such as deposits and customer service. Therefore is very important to choose your online bookie with caution, it's your money they will handle, after all. Here we have put together a small list of the top bookies and the best betting sites. Here is our list of the best betting sites and the 2007 top bookies:

 Bodog Sports/Bodog Life (opens new window) - Bodog Sports is by far the best betting site and here are the factors we took into consideration to rate this bookie on top of the list. First and foremost, this bookie is very safe and secure - from your personal details to your payment information, nothing will be sold, leaked or otherwise compromised. Bodog has been in the betting business for over a decade and has won the bettors' trust over the years. This top bookie offers 10% bonus on all your deposits, which are made with ease through credit card, bank account, wore and many other options. It also offers transactions in most of the major currencies to accommodate bettors from all over the world. You can bet at this site with confidence, knowing that your money are safe and your withdrawals will come. Two small drawback - this top bookie is a little slow on publishing odds, but oftentimes the odds are better than any other betting site; and also Bodog does not allow players from Canada. The next addition to our best betting sites list does:

 Bookmaker (opens new window) - Bookmaker is a great alternative to Bodog. This top bookie publishes its odds on all sporting events faster than any other betting site. If you want to get the early odds on any sport, this is one of the bookies to visit. It allows bettors to join from all over to world and withdrawals are some of the fastest in the industry. As with any business, Bookmaker isn't perfect, the problem that we found with this top bookie is the depositing options. There are few choices of funding your betting account and direct deposits with credit cards are impossible at this time, you would have to go through the so-called "e-wallets" or do a wire transfer. Bookmakers has told us that they are working hard on adding more depositing options to their portfolio, but until this happens, this bookie comes second in our list of best betting sites. Withdrawals from your betting account, however, are really fast, thus we can confidently rank this betting site as a top online bookie.

 Bet 365 (new window) - Bet 365 does not allow Americans to bet, as well as bettors from other countries, check their list of restricted residents. It's mainly Europe-oriented and if you happen to be a resident in an European country - Bet365 is the best betting site for you. It's the best betting site for U.K. punters, as it always aims to offer the best odds available, especially on soccer matches and horse racing. Bet 365 is also U.K. licensed betting site. It offers 15% bonus for first time players and folk in the U.K. could even watch some of the sporting events and bet live. This is the top bookie and the best betting site for all Europeans and comes third in our top bookies list only due to the country restrictions.

 At this point in the sports betting industry we feel uneasy to recommend any other bookies. But this small list should be enough for the avid bettor to enjoy their hobby and bet online with confidence. For now, this is our best betting sites list of top bookies on the web. It's not a coincidence that out of the thousands of sports betting sites on the Internet, these are the only three bookies currently allowed to advertise on our website.

 Published on 12/08/2007

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