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Sports Betting and Best Online Sportsbooks

 Betting on sports is not any different than any other form of gambling - you wager something in hopes of winning. Nowadays you can bet on virtually any sport through the online sports books. If you have bet on sports at an offline Las Vegas bookmaker - you are all set, there is no difference. If this is your first time with the sportsbooks, we have a bunch of guides below to help you understand the basics of sports betting.

 Sports Betting Websites and Offshore Sportsbooks:

Bookmaker - Best Online Sportsbook - click to visit


Bookmaker was quite quick to top our best online sportsbooks list, following a great improvement of its depositing methods, always a benefit to the player. Check withdrawals at this betting website are among the fastest in the industry worldwide and we are not exaggerating. Overall the leader among the offshore sports betting companies with a great focus on its customers. At Bookmaker you will find betting lines on all major sports and account operation is easy and effortless. This sports betting website is one of the few offshore sportsbooks we recommend to bettors at this time. Bookmaker is actually one of the first sports betting websites to publish the odds on the upcoming games and we often use its odds for our game preview articles. This online sportsbook offers a 20% bonus when you first open a betting account and 15% reload bonus on your deposits thereafter, including an 8% cashback each month. Special monthly betting bonuses and great customer service makes this sports betting website worthy of being included on our best online sportsbooks list.


Bodog Sports -  Great sports betting website - click to visit


There are many reasons we recommend Bodog Sports, but the major include the reliability, fast payments, ease of depositing and good odds. This sports betting site is by far at the top of our list and you can bet on sports without any concerns at Bodog. There is an array of depositing and withdrawal options at your disposal, betting odds and lines on all sports, including MMA/UFC fights, horse racing, entertainment betting and more. Payouts arrive fast, very important at the current stage of the online sports betting industry. If you don't have account with Bodog yet, this will be the one and only stop for most bettors. Recently some players has stated that this betting website takes as long as 3 weeks to process check payments, which we believe is temporary situation and with a serious bettor this should not be an issue. Most players don't withdraw their winnings right away, but keep them throughout the season and take the winnings home at the end. If you are someone who cannot wait to receive you withdrawal, you may want to check the rest of the sportsbooks listed here. Still, Bodog remains the most secure and reliable online sportsbook in the world and the easiest to deposit money to. Despite to slower withdrawals, we still recommend the Bodog online sportsbook over any other.


5Dimes - good offshore sportsbook for all bettors - click to visit

5Dimes sports betting website

 5Dimes is quite popular among the offshore sportsbooks, but there is a good reason we have placed it on the third spot on our sports betting list - limited options to bet. Even though this sports betting website has quite a selection of various wagering options, the major sports, such as NFL, NBA, MLB and college are those you would bet with 5Dimes, the odds on other events (such as tennis or entertainment props) are not competitive enough at this online sportsbook. But if you have no plans on betting on anything else but the major sports, this is a great bookmaker for you. The payments are processed faster than the industry standards and you can deposit using various methods, including credit cards and check. 5Dimesis well known offshore sportsbook and you will see only praises from the bettors on the sports forums. You can get up to $200 bonus when you initially sign up, and 50% bonus on your deposits, along with the many promotions this sportsbook runs throughout the betting seasons. 5Dimes is #3 on our offshore sportsbooks list only because of the secondary betting markets - if this is not a problem for you, it should be #1 on your list any day. Just for the record, we got to review this sports betting website after literally hundreds of bettors have emailed us to express their satisfaction with this offshore sportsbook, a true testament to the way this betting website operates.


 Above you will find the best online sportsbooks, truly the cream of the crop when it comes to offshore sports betting, while below you can see our collection of free betting articles, advice and live odds. With online sports betting becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, this page was mandated to showcase what's out there and help people avoid bad sportsbooks. Keep in mind that the legality of the internet offshore sportsbooks varies from place to place, so make sure you check your local laws before engaging in online gambling. We also have a few partners which can be found on the left side of the menu, don't forget to check them out as well.

 Whether it's football, boxing or horse racing, on our website you will find all the information you need related to wagering. We offer free guides to the various aspects of gambling, great tips and tricks as told by the pros and much more. If sports betting is your vice and you are looking for only the best online sportsbook to wager, this is the only list you will ever need. See and compare the big bonuses, check out the payout of your picks, learn more about a sportsbook reviewed here - the options are without a limit and you can take advantage of all without spending a dime. Don't waste your money at other sports betting portals, get all sportsbook-related info right here. Alternatively, one can find a list of sports betting websites here, a good partner of ours. That's if you can't find what you are looking for among the online sportsbooks we have listed on our site.

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 Here is the basic:

 There are many great games available in online gambling websites, any casino game you can think of that is available in a brick and mortar casino, will be available in an online gambling site. It is not just casino games that attract hundreds of thousands of gamblers to the internet every day, but many online gambling establishments offer a sports book facility to its customers.

Online gambling companies have developed their sportsbook facilities for a number of reasons. The volume of transactions that can be performed online are considerably more than a land based bookmakers or betting shops. Internet bookmakers do not have the same over heads that a high street bookie would have and so these savings are to the benefit of those who are online gambling. Online sportsbook facilities can also offer its customers bonuses and cash incentives to gamble with them.

Most online sports betting websites are licensed in some jurisdiction almost anywhere around the world. Depending on where the sports book is based, regulations and taxation can vary greatly. Many sports book companies are located in the Caribbean in places such as Antigua and Barbuda, Curacao, Jamaica and other places such as Costa Rica, Gibraltar, The Channel Islands and Australia.

There are many different kinds and ways you can bet on sports. There are companies that cater mainly to the American market and offer odds on events such as the Super Bowl and the World Series as well as taking wagers concerning American celebrities and T.V. shows. Other sportsbook companies cater more to the European market, concentrating on soccer events, horse racing and cricket.

Sports betting companies tend to be much more flexible than regular book makers. The wagers they offer can be much more diverse and it is possible to wager on events, even while they are taking place. A good example of this is during the World Cup soccer competition, when many sports betting sites were taking bets from customers, almost up to the final whistle in the game.

Sportsbooks are also able to do so well in terms of business because they offer other attractions to their customers. Punters may come on to the online gambling site to place a few bets and then decide that they want to play a few hands of poker or give the slot machines a try.

There are many payment options available in at the online sportsbooks, so the gambler can use an online wallet to pay and receive winnings, a credit card, or make a wire transfer and of course use regular checks.

The beauty of the sports betting websites is the lack of limitations. Every thing is done from a virtual book maker, where there are no limitations of space, any number of customers can be catered to and there are almost no restrictions as to the kind of wager that the customer wishes to place.

A great source of information about the offers available from sports books for new customers is the free bets section of Football Data, which also provides a data archive of soccer results and betting odds to allow punters to test their systems for match prediction.

As our portal does not focus on sports betting, we are compiling a list of websites which will give you more information about sports books and the subject in general. So far we have:

We are not affiliated with the betting websites above, but we mere link to them to give our visitors a chance to find more about the topics they are looking for. Those sites also have their own recommendations, so you should be able to find what you are interested in. Here is the home of the best online sportsbooks and sports betting websites. Confidently choose a sportsbook for betting on sports.

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