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Will online gambling return to the States?

It has been over two months since the famous Internet gambling act was passed, yet many online casinos still accept US players. But most of them have left the American market. Those were sad days, as emails from online casinos were sent to players informing them that they will no longer be able to play. Those loyalty points, VIP club memberships, dreams of winning back your money -all gone in a blink of an eye. Casino after casino were leaving the scene, followed by poker rooms and sports books.

And now everybody is asking - will those gambling websites return to the United States? Will the envy of those who decided to stay and take the lion share will catch up to them? Not likely, unless the law is overturned, which is also highly unlikely. There are signs for both extremes - some gambling sites are coming back, some are leaving the US market.

On one side there is Pinnacle Sports, which have recently posted on their website that they will pull from the USA market. On the other side - Superior Poker announced that they will start accepting again players from the United States, and will open new online casino which will also allow Americans to open accounts. And in the middle, there is BetUS, which will suspend US player poker accounts, but will continue to let U.S. citizen bet on sports and gamble at their casino.

If the months keep passing by without any serious action from the USDOJ, it is safe to predict that more and more online gambling websites will restart accepting new players from the USA. But the real question is - will the people go back to a casino which has turned its back on them without any serious thread or a good reason to do so? The only real opportunity for a comeback of those gambling websites would be the thousands of casino, poker and sports betting sites which rank and rate online gambling products, and it would be a really though endeavor to convince them that they will not disappear again overnight.



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