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Betting on Dynamics

Professional gamblers who bet on sports will tell you that there is a lot more to a winning season for any team than the strengths of the players on the field.

Betting on Dynamics In team sports, the overall group dynamic can be a key factor in how the team plays game to game. Here’s a look at some of the things that can affect a team’s dynamic in any sport.

 Star Power: Today sports are all about ego, and most of the time the best players aren’t reluctant to tout themselves to anyone who will listen. It’s good for a team’s fan appeal to have a guy who stands out above the crowd, but if the skill isn’t handled well a star’s power can be a recipe for disaster. There are examples from all kinds of team sports to back this up. When Vince Carter decided the Toronto Raptor’s weren’t doing all they needed to do to make him happy, he demolished the team’s morale. Carter kept his own numbers up, but his attitude dragged the rest of the team into a horrible season. Their record was much better when he was finally traded. A similar situation seems to recur every couple of years in the NHL on teams where Jaromir Jagr is playing. When he is happy, his team can beat anyone else on the ice, and his skill level is a big reason for it. If he feels he has the wrong line mates, though, or if the coach benches him, a prolonged pout will usually mean loss after loss.

 Too many stars on one team can also mean a bad season, you don’t have to look any farther than New York for great examples of this in both baseball and hockey. A team made up of all prima donnas and no work horses is destined to lose.

 Front Office Management Style. A big factor that is overlooked when it comes to team dynamics is the approach taken by the front office. Some owners purchase a team and then step right into the management and coaching jobs, often without success. A good example of this is the 2006 season of the Dallas Cowboys, or the Rams from 2001-2005. The front office clashed consistently with the head coach, advising him on how to play and what to do. It was a power struggle of the first degree, and both teams suffered for it on the field as the focus was totally lost. On the other hand, the Patriots built a dynasty with a rotating roster. The owners were willing to shell out for good players and coaches, and then let them do the job they were hired for without interference.

 When you’re handicapping your season or even week to week, don’t forget to include the intangibles. Bad management and egotistical stars can wreak havoc on a team’s ability to win, and this in turn can do a lot of damage to your bankroll.


Published on 07/11/2007

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